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Paulownia Photo Gallery

Paulownia wood has proven to be very versatile. Since it has now become highly price competitive, new uses for the wood are continually being discovered.
The wood has long been used in the making of moldings, cabinets, veneers, furniture and musical instruments. It has now been recognized for applications where weight is an important element- such as marine construction, aircraft construction, trucks, trains, RVs, buses, pallets, crates, finished products to be shipped and vehicle interiors. All types of transportation benefit from reduced weight with reduced fuel consumption, higher speeds, longer range, less engine wear, or an increase in the payload they can carry.

Former Presiden Jimmy Carter auctions a
display case that he built out of Paulownia.
He is also a commercial Paulownia grower
with 15 acres planted on his Plains, GA farm.

Paulownia wood has proven to be successful in Formula 1 and Formula 2 boat racing where weight and strength are critical. The wood is used as a lightweight alternative to Birch and other woods. It creates a strong hull and can be used in other applications where Balsa is used. Unlike Balsa, Paulownia does not hold the added weight from soaking up excessive amounts of epoxy. Paulownia also resists splitting and warping in the drying process and can hold nails and screws without splitting.

In various transportation uses ½ inch Balsa is used as the core for veneer such as Mahogany or Black Walnut being mounted on top. Paulownia can be used as the core material and sliced only ¼ inch thick to be just as strong and light as Balsa. There would also be a space saving benefit and cost savings in less material being needed.

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